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The official file cleaner from Xiaomi


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MIUI Cleaner is the official app from Xiaomi for deleting files from your smartphone. If you have a smartphone from this Chinese company, you're probably already familiar with this app as it comes preinstalled on your smartphone.

Thanks to this useful app, you can delete tons of files you no longer need with the tap of a button. That includes the cache, duplicate photos, files from uninstalled apps, and lots of other elements that take up unnecessary space on your smartphone.

To open the app, just tap on the scan button. After that, you'll have a complete list of all the files MIUI Cleaner considers ready for deletion. Browse the results to decide what stays and what goes, then get rid of everything you want with a single tap. You can also see how big each file is, when it was last modified, and where it was located, helping you decide whether you want to delete it.